Pro Tools Certification

Avid offers 3 levels of Pro Tools certification.

1. The first level is the User Certification. This is accomplished by successfully completing the 101 and 110 level classes and passing each course's exam.

2. The second level is the Operator Certification. This requires a User certification prerequisite, plus completion of the 201 and 210 level classes and passing each course's exam.

3. The third level is the Expert Certification. This level requires completion of the 310 class and passing the Expert exams, written and hands-on.

At the 210 level of coursework, the student must choose between a focus on music production (210M) or a concentration on post production (210P). This is also true of the 310M or 310P level classes.

At Pro Tools Detroit we offer the Avid certified 101, 110, 201 and 210M levels of instruction, as well as a course based on the book,
Practical Exercises for Pro Tools.


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